6807 Guadalupe St (512)-323-0602

Not just a Barbershop

At the Corner of Airport Blvd and Guadalupe St in Austin, Texas, Luis' Corner Barbershop cuts hair with the finest traditional methods of haircutting.
The Barbershop has been open since 1959 and was previously owned but has kept some traditional hair cutting styles. The shop is still located at Guadalupe & Airport Blvd.

Today it has been re-designed and tailored to keep the tradional barbershop that has always been at the corner since 1959.

Some History Behind the Barber Pole

The "Straight Razor"

As history passed, the use of The "Straight Razor" has slowly created a nostalgic society for retro culture. Using a straight razor, our barbershop makes a true edge up. This technique is slowly disappearing in todays' society but not at Luis' Corner Barbershop.

As sharp as it sounds, it leaves a "clean cut". But, no fear!, traditional massages are here! (After the haircut). Through technique and tradition, Luis' Corner Barbershop is just what you need, so stop by the Corner Barbershop to get a great cut!